Welcome to the Sam Rubin Pictures site

My name is SAM ETHAN RUBIN and I am an actor on the autism spectrum. My life’s deep work is to learn people and relationship. I also have Perfect Pitch and train in Bel Canto singing with Peter Maleitzke. My inner work lands me squarely in what acting has to offer.

I landed my first role in 2003 as Tiny Tim in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at Contra Costa College. I have performed as an actor and singer in many venues in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last 13 years, including playing Aeneas in Dido and Aeneas, and most recently performing as Francis Flute in A Cajun Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I believe that my role as an actor is to inspire others to push beyond the definitions that confine the spirit. Singing, acting, and dancing have been the collagen that have connected me up to life.

Because every emotion lies somewhere between Love and Fear, theatre is meant to bring audiences to an experience of inner truth, realism, and feeling. It is also a platform where relevant discourses are enacted with the intention of building connective tissue between the actors and audience about real stories of humanity beyond the walls of the theatre itself.

As a history buff, I find that the more I immerse myself in the performing arts, the more I learn about the world at large. In particular, I have enjoyed such diverse acting opportunities as The Burning of the Great Library at Alexandria with ArtShip (Slobodon Dan Paich, Director) to an adaptation of Sophocles’ play Electra in Electricidad (Clay David, Director) to Shakespeare’s As You Like It (Bob Currier, director, Marin Shakespeare Company).

More recently, I’ve been able to utilize my singing training with Pocket Opera (Donald Pippen, Director) and Lamplighter’s Music Theatre and Awesome Orchestra (David Moeschler, Director). I was a TITAN Award winner along with the rest of the cast for Excellence in Theatre in 2015 for H.M.S. Pinafore, Lamplighter’s Music Theatre.